Help Your Trees Grow Strong and Healthy

Schedule tree fertilization services in Montville or Mystic, CT

There's a proven method to helping your trees grow tall and sprout gorgeous crowns - it's tree fertilization. Lamb Family Tree Care LLC specializes in tree fertilization services in the Montville & Mystic, CT area. Every Fall, our crew can inject fertilizer into your trees' root systems to help them get the nutrients and minerals they need to thrive.

Our deep-root fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium - all of which are crucial to tree growth and often found missing in soils. Worried about harsh chemicals? We use all-natural products that are completely safe for your trees and any plant life that surrounds them. Contact us today to arrange for tree care services.

Signs that your trees need fertilizing

Signs that your trees need fertilizing

Don't let your trees' health continue to decline. Your trees might need to be fertilized if they have:

  • Dead branches
  • Small, weak branches
  • Discolored leaves
  • Fewer leaves than usual

Need fast, reliable tree care services? Call on Lamb Family Tree Care for tree fertilization services in the Montville or Mystic, CT area. We can fertilize your trees once a year to help them live long, healthy lives.